SplashIt 1.1
Author CondZero
Description Some time ago CondZero developed "PunchIt" (you can find it in these pages), an application that could add music / sound to an existing application with just a few mouse clicks. It seemed logical to follow this up with an application that could add a splash screen to an existing application with just a few mouse clicks.
Not being satisfied with just splash screen generation functionality, I grew more and more absorbed with digital imaging and ways to manipulate bitmaps and improve them. The current application has grown way more than I ever envisioned into a full fledged digital imaging application. My intent was not to replicate or replace in any way other applications already out there (i.e. Photoshop, Paint Shop pro, Gimp, etc.), but in trying to develop something slightly different, that I thought, would be a bit more intuitive, easier to use, have a relatively small footprint, SplashIt was born and besides, it's free to use.
Sources available separately, check this download page
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Date Thursday 27 August 2015 - 11:53:00
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